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Methodology / Background Find out more about the structure, drive and background behind our creative work ..
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Methodology / Background
Our heart belongs to the impassioned spirit of entrepreneurship in a medium-sized business setting. We have the need to remain open to what at first may seem to be unusual criteria. We stand for insistent and consistent communication, whether in the form of architecture, a brand or a product. INSTANTCONCEPT develops systems for communication that convey messages through image, text and form.
To this end, INSTANTCONCEPT has grown to become an interdisciplinary design enterprise. Our team comprises open-minded specialists from the fields of communication design, architecture, product design, communication sciences and IT and has developed a working structure in which the individual disciplines are not arranged as usual alongside one another according to the parallel content they are dealing with, but rather work hand-in-hand on each project, taking an interdisciplinary approach. This working method enormously increases the scope of criteria that can be taken into account, opening up new ways of seeing things and incorporating oft-neglected marginal areas, causally translating these into much more deep-reaching results during each project phase.

We pursue this idea even further, which perhaps can be traced most readily to Bauhaus thinking, and expand interdisciplinarity to encompass responsibility for designing our own brands and undertaking our own projects in the fields of lifestyle and furniture. Our expertise and knowledge already brought us into close contact with the international furniture industry the year INSTANTCONCEPT was founded, 2002, prompting us to supplement our portfolio with the service areas of project management, consulting, engineering and product communication. We have been active on the Chinese market since 2004, initially in product design, and then quickly expanding our offerings to cover the entire service portfolio, including prototyping, POS, shop design and the development of a new international brand.

Today, INSTANTCONCEPT assists clients in the areas of branding, communication, product design and
architecture, going well beyond the traditional definition of a design agency.

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Methodology / Background Find out more about the structure, drive and background behind our creative work ..
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Consulting Von der Heydt Museum, Wuppertal
JobWithin just two decades, the virtual world has bestowed, or perhaps imposed, an enormous proliferation of possibilities upon our analogue quotidian lives. As a consequence, many communication strategies commonly used in advertising have lost their former punch. But the communicative power of an enterprise will nonetheless continue to be defined by an intelligently conceived mix of individual measures.
ResultINSTANTCONCEPT offers advice on a customised mix of advertising activities with the aim of conveying a message as close as possible to the point of relevance. INSTANTCONCEPT calls this approach simply “systems for communication”, systems in which qualitative criteria replace quantitative measurability. They are based on an information structure that has turned into a nano surface, on which the tried and tested gambit of throwing money at the problem according to the watering-can principle today threatens to bead up and roll right off.
Analyse Consumer insight
Consulting ESPRIT home bath concept made by KLUDI
JobKludi, an internationally oriented manufacturer of faucets and fittings, is known for innovative products and a comprehensive portfolio addressing all bathroom needs. Kludi has now dedicated a complex product world to an interpretation of the major lifestyle brand ESPRIT: ESPRIT home bath concepts. INSTANTCONCEPT was entrusted with project management and engineering for the entire furniture line. In an extremely short period of time, we developed and defined the complex planning for implementing a technically advanced design, taking into account the economic fabrication and process security required for a modular brand furniture programme.
ResultINSTANTCONCEPT searches out and selects worldwide manufacturing partners and advises them on the modification of production workflows and processes. Exceptional, exclusive design stands out strikingly from the competition. Implementation often fails due to market restrictions, primarily the cost factor. INSTANTCONCEPT has ensured the feasibility of the Esprit home bath concept by coming up with unusual approaches, developing completely new production contexts and successfully recreating this strategy with manufacturing partners in other industries as well.
Materials research/ development
Product management/ steering