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Methodology / Background Find out more about the structure, drive and background behind our creative work ..
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Methodology / Background
Our heart belongs to the impassioned spirit of entrepreneurship in a medium-sized business setting. We have the need to remain open to what at first may seem to be unusual criteria. We stand for insistent and consistent communication, whether in the form of architecture, a brand or a product. INSTANTCONCEPT develops systems for communication that convey messages through image, text and form.
To this end, INSTANTCONCEPT has grown to become an interdisciplinary design enterprise. Our team comprises open-minded specialists from the fields of communication design, architecture, product design, communication sciences and IT and has developed a working structure in which the individual disciplines are not arranged as usual alongside one another according to the parallel content they are dealing with, but rather work hand-in-hand on each project, taking an interdisciplinary approach. This working method enormously increases the scope of criteria that can be taken into account, opening up new ways of seeing things and incorporating oft-neglected marginal areas, causally translating these into much more deep-reaching results during each project phase.

We pursue this idea even further, which perhaps can be traced most readily to Bauhaus thinking, and expand interdisciplinarity to encompass responsibility for designing our own brands and undertaking our own projects in the fields of lifestyle and furniture. Our expertise and knowledge already brought us into close contact with the international furniture industry the year INSTANTCONCEPT was founded, 2002, prompting us to supplement our portfolio with the service areas of project management, consulting, engineering and product communication. We have been active on the Chinese market since 2004, initially in product design, and then quickly expanding our offerings to cover the entire service portfolio, including prototyping, POS, shop design and the development of a new international brand.

Today, INSTANTCONCEPT assists clients in the areas of branding, communication, product design and
architecture, going well beyond the traditional definition of a design agency.

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Methodology / Background Find out more about the structure, drive and background behind our creative work ..
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Research Berghäuser und Sohn
JobTogether with our partner Berghäuser und Sohn, INSTANTCONCEPT is constantly developing unusual new looks, forms, processes and design solutions, either for a specific project or for our own products.
ResultFor the “Penthouse for an art collector” in Berlin we used natural chemicals to develop a proprietary reactive smoking process for staining oak. This allowed us to create a unique wood aesthetic without any overlayering of pigments to dull the finish. We have also created new material aesthetics by painting pigmented glass. The natural beauty of precious woods is brought out by special polishing processes. These proprietary processes are in some cases so interesting for the materials industry that Dupont for example has sponsored the development of our lounge stool.
Materials development
Colour and material conception
Process technology
Design engineering
Fittings technology
Process technology for colour and patina
Solid surface materials
JobThe communication market is currently experiencing an increasingly enervating oversaturation with online advertising. The major marketers keep trying to make measurements of reach more reliable by introducing new tools and standards. But this just makes it harder and harder to convey true value. Fortunately, a useful distinction is increasingly becoming evident, particularly in the case of providers of special content, bringing with it solutions for recapturing the kind of advertising messages that are of real benefit. These are much more likely to be accepted by the customer, and at the same time it is easier to reliably measure their effectiveness.
ResultINSTANTCONCEPT is constantly uncovering new sources of knowledge. These findings are presented in an open intranet forum where they can be vitalised, augmented and commented on anytime by all team members. Individual personal opinions are exchanged once a week on a fixed day. We are very much aware of the drastically reduced half-life of knowledge these days and view it as our duty to keep abreast of the latest developments by reading the pertinent dissertations available from specialist publishers and online.
Evaluation of market research
Evaluation of advertising environment
Future online/offline development
Web 3.0
Scientific communication analyses