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Methodology / Background
Our heart belongs to the impassioned spirit of entrepreneurship in a medium-sized business setting. We have the need to remain open to what at first may seem to be unusual criteria. We stand for insistent and consistent communication, whether in the form of architecture, a brand or a product. INSTANTCONCEPT develops systems for communication that convey messages through image, text and form.
To this end, INSTANTCONCEPT has grown to become an interdisciplinary design enterprise. Our team comprises open-minded specialists from the fields of communication design, architecture, product design, communication sciences and IT and has developed a working structure in which the individual disciplines are not arranged as usual alongside one another according to the parallel content they are dealing with, but rather work hand-in-hand on each project, taking an interdisciplinary approach. This working method enormously increases the scope of criteria that can be taken into account, opening up new ways of seeing things and incorporating oft-neglected marginal areas, causally translating these into much more deep-reaching results during each project phase.

We pursue this idea even further, which perhaps can be traced most readily to Bauhaus thinking, and expand interdisciplinarity to encompass responsibility for designing our own brands and undertaking our own projects in the fields of lifestyle and furniture. Our expertise and knowledge already brought us into close contact with the international furniture industry the year INSTANTCONCEPT was founded, 2002, prompting us to supplement our portfolio with the service areas of project management, consulting, engineering and product communication. We have been active on the Chinese market since 2004, initially in product design, and then quickly expanding our offerings to cover the entire service portfolio, including prototyping, POS, shop design and the development of a new international brand.

Today, INSTANTCONCEPT assists clients in the areas of branding, communication, product design and
architecture, going well beyond the traditional definition of a design agency.

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Methodology / Background Find out more about the structure, drive and background behind our creative work ..
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Marketing ESPRIT home bath concept
JobOne of the most unusual and complex series of modular furniture on the market, representing one of the strongest trend labels. This combination calls for product communication that’s just as clever. How do I reach all members of a worldwide distribution network, and how do I make sure that all external and internal service personnel are speaking the same language? INSTANTCONCEPT impressed the client with its holistic conception, obtaining the contract to develop internationally cohesive product communication and guidelines.
ResultINSTANTCONCEPT develops a product communication manual for the Esprit home bath concept that’s over 100 pages long. Based on a corporate language model, we developed the content for seven phases of product communication, including scheduling, product quality, product features, care and service, as well introducing a forum, and then visualised these phases in the form of a communication system. Through the interplay of reduced formulaic text modules and an easily graspable and uniform graphic vocabulary, the outstanding features of an extraordinarily complex product series are described succinctly, leaving no room for interpretation.
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